Lots of Tankers use the River Humber to get to and from the Killingholme oil refineries. They range from 'local delivery' fuel tankers around 3000 tons up to big Crude Oil Carriers around 180,000 tons. The bigger ships tend to stay out at the Mono Bouy (small yellow boat) that's anchored to the sea bed just outside Spurn Point. There's a floating pipeline there that connects with the Tetney Tank Farm storage tanks and the oil is pumped from Tetney to Killingholme via underground pipeline that runs around the outskirts of Grimsby. These bigger tankers have a tug hanging on a long cable off the stern to hold the ship steady against the tide and wind. When coming on to, or dropping off, the Mono Bouy there may be up to four tugs attending. The Mono Bouy is approximately 25 miles out from Cleethorpes High Cliffe (Central Prom).

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