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Several photos showing multiple ships, and the two forts, in the Humber Estuary. A few years ago the river was far busier than it is currently (early 2017). There's a measure of the amount of shipping in use, it's called the Baltic Dry Index and it dropped to a five year low early in 2016. River traffic is picking up again now but it's still well below the December 2014 peak. Some of these photos were taken on my old camera and I was pushing it to its limit which you can see in the grey-ish tint to some of them.

The two forts in the estuary were built around the First World War and were also used in WWII when they housed around 800 men. They had anti-submarine nets between them and I recall seeing these dumped on Grimsby Docks North Wall when I was a child. The Bull Sands Fort is close to Spurn Point and the main shipping channels. Haile Sands Fort is closer to shore and this used to have a jetty extending to the beach. Some of my school-friends went there to fish in the early 1960s before the jetty was blown up to keep people out.

The main shipping channel splits into the Bull Channel and Hawke Channel just inside Spurn Point. The Bull Channel is wider but shallower at the Clee Ness Bouy opposite High Cliff on Cleethorpes Central Prom. The Hawke Channel is deeper and not so wide but it's the preferred route for the bigger Bulk Carriers and Tankers especially if it's not around high water.

Generally ships will come in to the river on an incoming tide and go out after high water on the ebb tide as it saves fuel... they have a four knot tide with them rather than against them.

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