Ferries are classified as carrying passengers or goods at regular intervals, usually over short distances (such as the North Sea).
We see three main types of Ferries using the River Humber:

11) passenger ships to / from Rotterdam, Bruges, etc
22) Roll On, Roll Off (RoRo) carrying trucks to various ports from Zeebrugge to the Baltic Sea
33) Car Transporters bringing cars from Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France and possibly Spain too

Passenger ferries run each evening from Hull to various Continental ports carrying people, sometimes their cars and sometimes find space for a truck or two. RoRo ferries are also quick 'turnaround' as trucks are quick to load / unload. These usually use Immingham, Killingholme or Hull Car transporters bring 500,000 new cars such as BMW, Volkeswagens, Skoda and probably Peugeot and Citroens into Grimsby or Killingholme

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